Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Adrienne asked "A few questions for all who sew"

Do you think clothes are made better if you don't take shortcuts??
I agree with Adrienne on this one – it really depends on what that shortcut is. Some shortcuts are good and others – like when I skip doing a fitting it’s never a good thing.

What kind of shortcuts do you take when sewing if any?
I have to think about this one.

Does making BWOF instead of something from the Big 4 make you a better sewer?
Not always, sometimes the Big 4 screw up their instructions and BWOF instructions are sometimes vague.

Are your projects perfect? What will make you rip out and start again??
No, I am human, there are always errors but I learn from them. If the item can be saved by frog stitchin’ then I am 9 times out of ten going to do it over again.

What are you best at when it comes to sewing?
Piecing quilt blocks, the perfectionist in me has to get the points perfect.

What is your weak point?
Fitting!!! I have the hardest time with new patterns and making alterations. It’s a learning process.

How many times will you make a TNT?
If it’s in style fits great and not too much like a fad usually 4 or 5 times. Changing the fabric choice and adding different details helps to make the item not to repetitive.

What tips do you have for making jeans?! I'm about to make the Jalie pattern. SOON lol.
Hey girl - I need some tips too!!! lol

Do you use the blind hem feature on your machine!? I can't get mine to work right. User error probably.
Same here ;0)

Is there a such thing as too much stash!?!?
hummmmm, I would hope not

What has been the worse thing you have done while sewing something? Could you save your project?
Cut and sewed a dress with out checking the size chart and not trying it on as I sewed it all the way till it was finished and then I found out it was two sizes to small. Could not fix it but it is still hanging in my closet, it is really a pretty dress, but too small. The lesson learned was always check size and do a test for fit before using the good fabric.

When you mess up a project, do you feel bad or do you just move on?
Sewing is one of those things, the more you sew the more you will learn – practice practice – sew sew sew!!

How many patterns do you have!?!?
I don’t really know. It’s sad I have so many; you could say I collect patterns, lol

What is your sewing process!?
I usually sew when I need an item, like right now summer is coming and I need shorts so I will sew a few pairs of shorts. Other times I find fabric and it tells me what it wants to be and then there are times when I see a pattern and just have to make it.

Is there wrong with being inspired by celebs??
Not at all!!

Do you offer advice on other people’s projects??
Sometimes and only if asked.

Do you accept advice/ constructive criticism on your projects??
Yes, love it, again its part of the learning process

Do you think it makes you a better sewer???

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