Sunday, March 9, 2008

Braid Placemats Part: One

Well it all started with this disscusion at Block central on a strip pieced table runner. I found a pattern at Quilters Cache

It's so pretty and I thought that it would make great placemats.

I went to a quilt shop and picked up these 3 charm packs. I ended up with a lot of pretty 5 inch squares and in a lot of colors.
I figured that I could get 2 strips out of each square and save the scraps for other fun projects. My strips are 2 inches wide.
Here are a few of the strips before sewing.

After I sewed the strips together in the length I wanted I then took it to the rotary cutter.....

Trimming the ends first. I lined up the seams with the 45* mark on my ruler and cut away.

This is one trimmed end.

After trimming the ends, I then trimmed the top and bottom.

This is one braid that is 16" long by 5.5 " wide. I am going to use two per placemat.

A good tip; after trimming the ends save the scraps to start you next braid.
To be continued..................................
In the mean time check this out:
Check out Bonnie Hunter's cool braid ideas.
Here's another tutorial.
For anyone with EQ5 check out this great tutorial from Patti Anderson. I took a class with her once and she is a wonderful teacher.

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