Sunday, February 3, 2008

Brown Pants Simplicity 3884

Great group of items! Simplicity 3884 has a dress, top, jacket, pants, and shorts.
I used the pants to creat a 'Hollywood' elastic style waist pair of brown pants.

Now remember I am not a fashion model, yet an over-weight 30-something (well I might be fudging a little on the last one). Anyway here's the out come:

They are very comfy!! I added 1.5" to the top of the pants to use for folding over the 2" elastic. I did not add a zipper or sew the darts. I basically cut the pants in a size 18 (which correspond to the my largest measurement - hips)

The color is a deep chocolate brown. The photos are not how I feel in these pants (yep, that makes no sence but thats how the photos look to me) . SOOOOO - I guess I need to try and learn how and where to take photos so others can see what I see.
I did no other alterations other that the 1.5" at the top. I feel the crotch curve is a bit shy. I compaired the front and back and saw very little difference, there is a difference but not too much. All-in-all these pants fit me ok, but might fit someone with a flat derriere better. I have just received Hotpattern's Weekender Jean Jeanius Trouser Jeans. With all the talk about the 'L' crotch curve I can't wait to see how that fits.

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