Monday, January 18, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

How many baubles do you hold?

Whilst awating my mojo to return home, I decided to repurpose a mirror. By spray painting the frame and 20 - .96 cent wooden knobs from Lowes in black. Then I epoxied the knobs to the cleaned and painted mirror; and now have a pretty place to hang and store my jewelry. (it's really hard to photograph a mirror)

That is just about all I did this weekend in the way of crafty-ness.


  1. That is very clever. I really like that idea.

  2. hey Kira
    I just saw your comment on my blog thanks for taking the time to let me know you read my post.

  3. What a FABULOUS blog! Italian, colour, everything I love...

  4. Wow! I love this, this is such a great idea.


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