Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pretty Eggs and Mockingbirds

When trimming the trees in winter we found an empty nest. Falling apart and all most gone, we decided to leave it and see if the birds that built it would return. And at the end of June I peeked in the new growth on the Crape Myrtle and spotted these beautiful eggs. Not really knowing what type of bird they were, we waited to see if the babies would survive.

Three of them did - look at those sweet faces. It was a sight to see me getting a photo of them, as the mother or father was not at all happy to have me visit them. She/he attacked me as I took this photo. I told her that I promised not to hurt her sweet babies, but she kept at me.
Come to find out these cuties are Mockingbirds. Also Mockingbirds just happen to be Florida's State Bird, and we happen to reside in Northern Florida.

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